Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Double Duty Blog

I have as many interests as the next person. I shift like the winds, from one endeavor to the next. Trying to satisfy some hunger, fill a gap, spackle a hole inside of myself with whatever unique elements my various passions denote. I love photography, will continue to pursue photography. But my life doesn't begin and end there. And neither should this blog...an open window into my psyche and happenstance. As such I'm going to be working on a new design for the blog. I'll be sorting the posts into either Photography-related or Novel-writing related posts. I was a writer before a photographer. If I could pursue a career doing both, I'd be elated. From this point forwards I hope to paint this blog with a greater myriad of colors. Photography, writing, living. They are all forms of art. Each inspiring and creative with a potent ability to touch souls. People ask themselves, what am I here for? Why now, this time, this place, my flaws...my strengths? A little less asking, a little more doing. That's my advice for a more vibrant life. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've been working on restoring some of my families old photos. Some very old photos. While certain things like blue ghosting and mold damage are beyond my abilities I've been happy with the results I'm seeing overall. I attached a before and after here to share. While I'm not sure who this woman is, my guess would be she's my great-great-aunt.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Most Perfect Things

I was reading Duchemin's blog again this morning and was struck by the simplicity and optimism of today's entry. More than the blog itself that impressed me was the responses he received from his readers. The thought of adding that "perfect thing" incited in all of those people some huge smiles and warmed cockles I'm sure. I'd like to add a few of my own "perfect things" here in the hopes that someday somewhere someone out there will smile. Take a few seconds, and come up with their own "perfect things" list. Three cheers for paying it forwards. Enjoy...

#1. That perfect cup of coffee. Dark blend, sweet cream on top. Preferably at a small table outside a cafe in Paris. Or on your couch first thing in the morning. Good coffee is timeless, takes you to that happy place with every sip.

#2. Dinner with friends and family. Spending quality time with people who know the "real you" while eating some really great food had to top the list.

#3. My 50 f/1.2L. My husband likes to borrow it often, and I always put on a smile and say "of course baby." But inside I cringe every time and as soon as he leaves I take a deep breath and wish we had 2.

#4. Hugs and kisses from my babies. Of course this is #1 on the list. It was just so obvious I forgot to add it until now. Is there anything sweeter?

#5. A blank page and a good pen. I bought a set of moleskin journals this weekend and have been pouring over them. There's nothing as cathartic as writing out the shit on your brain, only to watch the genius unfold. Hahaha.

#6. An open mind. Anyone with the ability to listen, to seek, to imagine, to pretend or to hope. Its purity in its simplist form.

7. Passion. Having something that you can come back to in a day, a week, year or years later and still feel that giddy childish excitement inside about. That's what we live for.

8. Estes Park, Colorado. I've traveled. A lot. And one place my family and I keep coming back to again and again is Estes Park, and more specifically Rocky Mountain National Park. The elk, the mountains, the vistas and altitude...there's a reason we chose this place to be married in. ;)

9. Christmas morning. The memories of waking everyone up to open presents. The contagious smile on everyones' faces. The good food, the warm fires...there's one day a year when you can feel like a kid again and all the calamities fade just that little bit extra.

10. The Oregon coast. Amazing fresh seafood, shooting on the beach at sunset, camping in the state parks. The views, the people, the memories. Absolute perfection.

It's Been A Long Road to Hoe

There comes a time in a person's life when family trumps all. When something horrible happens to someone you love it can be both shocking and devastating. Photography for me is purely a creative outlet. Any aspirations I have towards photography are only insofar as bettering my craft. As such, when faced with a devastating blow personally and the loss of one of the people I have loved more than any other in the course of my entire life all desire to photograph or blog about photography was sapped from me. In my mother's honor I did some coloring and work on this old picture of her and my aunts and uncle. I absolutely love this picture. I have a number of very old family photographs I'll be working to restore in the uncertain future. And it is my intention to share some of them here with you. Hope everyone is well. ;)