Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Double Duty Blog

I have as many interests as the next person. I shift like the winds, from one endeavor to the next. Trying to satisfy some hunger, fill a gap, spackle a hole inside of myself with whatever unique elements my various passions denote. I love photography, will continue to pursue photography. But my life doesn't begin and end there. And neither should this blog...an open window into my psyche and happenstance. As such I'm going to be working on a new design for the blog. I'll be sorting the posts into either Photography-related or Novel-writing related posts. I was a writer before a photographer. If I could pursue a career doing both, I'd be elated. From this point forwards I hope to paint this blog with a greater myriad of colors. Photography, writing, living. They are all forms of art. Each inspiring and creative with a potent ability to touch souls. People ask themselves, what am I here for? Why now, this time, this place, my flaws...my strengths? A little less asking, a little more doing. That's my advice for a more vibrant life. Hope you enjoy.

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