Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I've Learned As A Writer in 2010

I learned that 80% of my success has been my willingness and insatiable desire to master the CRAFT of writing novels. The other 20% is sheer latent talent.

I learned that I want this bad enough that I pray for it, ask for it, strive for it, research it, consume it, yearn for it and will one day embody greatness.

I learned that when I take the time to bang out an incredible outline, intricate and full-bodied that I leave my time and myself open to blossom in my prose. I've found my groove for the process and its so far been an incredibly fulfilling one.

I learned that given a year I can write compelling fiction, create characters that make me wheep, laugh and tingle, come up with mysteries/motives/plot twists that are unpredictable sometimes, predictable at others but always sensational.

I learned that other people that have and are writing novels professionally are normal people. With lives, families, stuff going on. The difference between them and me is that they've paid their dues already. They've sat down at the page and got it done. Had the guts to send it off and the even bigger guts of allowing themselves their success.

I learned a business model for your career is a good thing to have at the start, and not ten years into it when you're too busy writing on a deadline for money to come up with one.

I learned that I love doing this.

Yay for 2010

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