Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Beginning

This isn't my first blog. I've used blogspot before, and I've had a live journal. I thought I'd gotten over it, not wanted to journal publically anymore. But everywhere I look I'm finding more and more photographers with blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love to read what other people are doing. I just worry that I'll come off a little egotistical by thinking anyone would want to read about my ins and outs. Regardless, here we are. High Plains Photographer has a blog. Who are we? My husband Shaun and I met on POTN (Photography on the Net) and were married last year. We've collaborated since we've met, mostly doing travel and landscape photography. Before we met I was working in a portrait studio in Wisconsin, and have wanted to get back into for years. Pregnant with twins, and a busy life put that dream on hold for a while. But now we're back in action, both Shaun and myself working on portrait photography. We've got a small studio and a great lighting setup and are looking forward to sharing that with our friends online. In addition, we're both sort of internet addicts. I often come across interesting articles or posts online that I think would be interesting for other people. I'll post some of those here in the future. Thank you for joining us, I hope you stick around and enjoy your time here.

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