Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newness! Spring!! Yay!!!

Spring marks the advent of a new beginning. In pagan and celtic history spring was the (re)birth of the sun. The beginning of a whole new life, a whole new world cycle. Sunrise. Buds and blossoms. Celebration! And this springs marks the advent of a whole new venture for Shaun and I. I took my own advice (read a few blog posts back for my contemplation on this) and we are launching a new website aimed strictly at our portraiture business. Our new URL has been purchased, we've got a website template being constructed and we're working on getting it filled and launched! Look to this blog in the near (hopefully!) future for more information. And no, I won't tell you the new address. It's a suprise!

Along the same vein of newnicety ;) we bought some new lights. Nothing to break the bank, but a couple of halogens and new reflectors. I'm looking forward to playing with them - woohoo! Now if only I could get Shaun to model for me. :( I seriously need a mannequin.

I will be leaving tomorrow for a little over a week. Family business calls me away. You'll hear from me again when I get back, I may have images to share from the trip. We'll see, it's not exactly a pleasure cruise. Otherwise...miss me, get out and shoot - and live!!!

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